Hello and welcome to The Nekoines Saga Wiki! We are a collaborative source of information regarding the TNS Series! Before we get down to the important details and explanations, allow me to say firstly, to the fans reading this:


What IS The Nekoines Saga?

If this is the first question that you had, fear not! The Nekoines Saga is a series that is run and made by wiki owner DoD Riley, known more commonly nowadays as Rairi Nekoine, akin to the TNS character of the same name.

It is (as of the time of this writing, 9/5/19) an RPG series playable on the 3DS system version of RPG Maker Fes, as well as the free app known as RPG Maker Player, with plans to add Nintendo Switch access via the currently rumoured RPG Maker MV port.

TNS began in 2017 and grew as a result of development and players, culminating in a world filled with stories and lore, in the 2019 Remake of both the first two parts of the original trilogy, a new EXP system was worked in to balance the game as part of fixing it to become much more accessible and fair.

Why does it have a wiki dedicated to it?

There's a lot of data to the series, and it has a rich world filled with hidden secrets and entire extra subplots revolving around a variety of characters, as well as a collection of lore involved in the games, it would be tricky to keep up with everything if there wasn't a dedicated wiki for the data of the series at this point.

In addition, people searching around may find information they would never have expected to see if they search around here enough, especially later on.

Also! For users who were at the wiki TNS was originally put detail on:


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